19th Milano Tattoo Convention

Randy Engelhard 1st Best Saturday
Milano Tattoo Covention, 7-8-9 February 2014.
19th great edition for this big event in Milan hosting 300 international artists...

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Facebook Fanpage to discover the winners of the tattoo contests and all the shows from body painting to make-up, overlap sessions, art exhibitions by Andrea Lanzi, Antonio Proietti, Luca Natalini, Ueo, Mojo, Andrea Pallocchini, Sturno Buttò, Giancarlo Capra, Gun, Alex Gallo, Otto Dottorino D’Ambra, Aro Toy, Zoe Lacchei, Elena Monzo, El Rana, Pink, Stefano Bombardieri e Fabio Abbreccia andBetty Style hip hop shows.

Vans Ink Art has been the greatest new event at the Milano Tattoo Convention. A Slip-On Vans has been tattooed by Andrea Lanzi, Stizzo, Marco Galdo, Amanda Toy, Billi Murran, Moni Marino, Randy Engelhard, Miguel Bohigues, Sake and El Whyner, as if it was real human skin!
Stay tuned, waiting for news to celebrate the 20th edition!
Alex Gotza Best of Show
Michele Agostini 1st Best Realistic Black&White 

UEO 3rd Best of Show

Kostas Baronis Proki 3rd Best of Show