Diau An

Diau-An was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 1965. He began his tattoo career in 1982, using the traditional hand-poked tattoo. His art and tattoo work are greatly influenced by Japanese tattoo culture, thus Diau-An has been active in tattoo shows and conventions throughout different parts of Japan, China and Southeast Asia. Diau-An was the promoter who put together the first tattoo convention in Taiwan in 2003. He is also a multi-rewarded artist by tattoo conventions in United States and Europe. Diau-An enjoys doing sketch, portrait and oil painting, and personally loves researching and testing new tattoo machines. He is currently the President of Dian-An Tattoo, Dian-An Merchandises & Products, Global Tattoo Magazine, and Dian-An International Corporation. More info at his website.